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       LINHAI JUSHEN  ARTS AND CRAFTS CO., LTD is a professional flag and pole company, which has an excellent team with over 30-year abundant experience and advanced manufacturing technique on this field. The company’s land occupation is more than 15000 square meters. It offers various types of flags, flag poles, flag pole accessories with different specifications, Its annual production capacity is over 3,000,000 flags and over 5,000,000 flagpoles.

       Aiming the goal of "Quality First and Customer Supreme", the company prudently and strictly controls every operation processes from raw material purchasing to finished product transporting. To match the ever-changing requirements from the different markets, the company closely cooperates with the customers to develop new products and projects successfully. Over its 30 years of production and business operation, the company has imported first-class equipments, formed reasonable & complete technologic processes, possessed outstanding product design ability, and enhanced the market competitiveness greatly. As its products are popular in more than 100 countries and regions, the company has won very good reputation among global customers with its business credibility and reliable product quality.

       The company's main products are as follows:

       Flag series: Decorative Flags, Seasonal Flags, Garden Flags, National and States Flags, Sports Team Flags, Signal Flags, Car Flags, Hand Flags, Mailbox Covers, Windsocks, kite and etc. The main processing methods include sewing, applique, manual embroidery, computer embroidery, silk screen printing, dye sublimation printing and sublimation printing (heat transfer printing).

       Flagpole series: Aluminum Poles, beach flag and base, Galvanized Steel Poles, Metal Poles with Wood Grain Finish, Fiberglass Poles, Wood Poles, Garden flag pole and display base, and various Telescoping or Sectional Flagpoles.

       Flagpole Accessories: Adjustable, Stationary or Two-Position Brackets (made of nylon, ABS, aluminum, steel or other plastic materials); Eagle or Ball Finials (made of aluminum or ABS with gold vacuum plating finish); Ground Stakes or Flag Stands (made of steel or ABS with painting or vacuum plating finish); Brass Ornaments for Wood Poles (made of brass or die cast zinc with brass plating); Disassembled Steel Garden Flag Stands.

       Indoor and Outdoor decoration: cushion, mat, door cover, car cover, motorcycle cover, furniture cover, BBQ cover, with LOGO printed or embroidered.

       Others: Cleaning Appliance, Weaving Fender Covers (for boat or yacht), Tent or Awning Accessories, Fishing Kits, etc.

       We are looking forward to establishing business relationship with customers all over the world. If you are interested in any kinds of our products, please feel free to contact us for further information. 

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